Upgrade reading guide
Instructions for firmware update steps: 1. Open the link on the PC, and download "APM988.zip" to the root directory of a Micro SD card (do not unzip) 2. When the UX999MAX is turned on, insert the SD card with the firmware into the SD card slot in the device. 3. When the screen displays whether to choose to update, click "Yes". 4. The screen appears copying, do not turn off the screen for about 1 minute after the power is turned off, it will return to the original car host screen. 5. At this time, the power indicator of the UX999MAX device shows that the blue light is on and the red light is flashing, which is the status of the update; at this time, take out the SD card. (If you do not understand the above steps, you can choose to leave the SD card in the device and wait for the upgrade. After the upgrade is complete, when you enter the device home page, the device will still be automatically upgraded. Please select "No" at this time, otherwise the device will be automatically re-upgraded ) 6. Wait for about 3 to 4 minutes until all the lights stop, and then the red light turns on, and when the blue light flashes, it starts to restart. 7. The boot time this time is longer than the normal boot time, and the original App program will be started and installed, please wait patiently. Until the home screen of the UX999MAX device appears, the upgrade is complete
How to upgrade the firmware without seeing the device screen
How to upgrade the firmware of the box, can't see the display, how to do it: 1. Download the firmware upgrade package named [APM988.zip] from Google Chrome 2. Please prepare an SD card and put [APM988.zip] directly into the SD card (Put it directly in the root directory, no need to create any folder, and no need to unzip the file) The SD card used for upgrading does not need to be a blank card, nor does it only need to save the upgrade files, that is, the SD card you use every day can be used as an upgrade card. 3. You can use the CarPlay USB port on your car to power the box, or you can use a phone charger that outputs 5V/2A DC from the USB port to power the box. 4. Please wait for 2 minutes after the box is powered on to ensure that the red power indicator on the box is always on, and the blue working status indicator flashes once per second. 5. At this time, please insert the upgrade TF card, about 2 minutes, when the blue LED is always on and the red LED flashes, the upgrade card can be pulled out. 6. Wait another 3 minutes or so, when the red LED is always on and the blue LED flashes once per second, the upgrade process is complete. The entire upgrade process takes about 5 minutes. Note: It is best not to cut off the power during the upgrade process, and do not pull out the SD card during the process of copying the upgrade file to the internal memory. Of course, if the above situation occurs, the UX999MAX device will not be damaged because of it, and it can work normally after restarting. It's just that this time your upgrade process is canceled and the normal upgrade cannot be completed.
Upgrade Video Guide
2022-08-31 APM988
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